We help engineers and entrepreneurs launch a deep tech businesses in Europe and US. Join us!
Are you developing your own technology in hardware and/or smart and eco environment? Let's turn your engineering project into a first prototype and estimate its market value with Bridgio Accelerator.
How we accelerate your project
Marketing Support
Bring your project to the market! We use our experience in products design, customer development and B2B sales on global hi-tech markets to ensure an exciting journey to the commercial success of your project.
Smart Management
in Hardware
Our knowledge of hardware design and manufacturing will help you to avoid mistakes and delusions along the way to creating your first working prototype (MVP).
Team Development
We are not just "tracking" teams but managing projects and developing teams, sharing our knowledge, experience, and contacts. We help you to add the missing elements into your team
Access to Hardware Infrastructure
Let us introduce you to the world of contractors, OEM and ODM companies to find the best way to success of your devices
IP Protection
We will provide you with full documentary support for the project, doing our best to protect your intellectual rights.
And... First Investment
We connect local teams and talents with world markets and financing. Most investors are not eager to work with teams at the very start of their project but we are ready to share your risks.
Who can apply?
We work with individuals and companies
Inventors: solo & teams with start-ups
Inventors and engineering teams who have launched their hardware & software development projects at universities, tech hubs or even at home. Together we can overcome obstacles to implementing perspective ideas in a competitive market.
Experts who will work with you
They were at the source of successful projects for the global electronics market. Now their mission is to help inventors transform their promising technology into a future commercial product.
Roman Pakholkov
Founder & CEO
Roman's personal mission is to help hardware teams achieve independence and become a successful company.

After starting his career as an Engineer, Roman founded Promwad Electronics Design House in 2004. Today, millions of people around the world use devices created by his engineering team.
Andrei Chernysh
Partner, Acceleration Manager
Andrei is responsible for driving your project and turning you tech ideas into business cases with the best track to investments.

His expertise in strategy & project management is highly appreciated by clients of Key Decision Consulting, where he holds an executive position.
Vitali Mozolevski
Partner, Hardware Development Manager
Vitali will be your guide to the world of R&D and investment applications.

As a co-owner at Promwad, he will help you attract the needed specialists and use the available hardware infrastructure to complete your project for your first market evaluation.
Leonid Gasan
Partner, Product & Business Development Manager
Leonid is responsible for the growth of portfolio companies and communication with strategic and financial buyers. You can rely on his expertise in tracking process and strategy adjustment to adapt the product to customers' needs.

Leonid has senior-level experience in providing support and global deal structuring with the attraction of bank financing on the Asian and European markets.
Denis Voytulevich
Product Manager
Denis will guide you through development lifecycle of your new product, transforming customer's dreams into manufacturable reality.

Denis has significant experience in device manufacturing industry. He passed his way from being an engineer to taking leadership in numerous R&D teams like Adani Corporation, Isovac, etc.
Denis Dybsky
Denis is a co-founder of Teslasuit and IAGC, the companies that have successfully entered the global market with innovative hardware products.

You can rely on his ten years of experience in marketing and business development.
Viktar Khamianok
Viktar is a founder and CEO of Rozum Robotics, the only company in Eastern Europe that designs and distributes collaboration robots on the world market.

He knows from his own experience as an engineer can enter the market with a new device.
Igor Solovyov
Igor is an award-winning industrial designer with 16 years of experience and portfolio of 80+ industrial products that were produced by his clients in Belarus, Russia, USA, France, UK, Italy, China, Thailand, etc.

He will examine and improve your projects in terms of design and manufacturability.
Your supporting partners
Tech partner
The largest independent electronics design house in Eastern Europe with HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania. It creates new competitive products and tech solutions for the electronics market commissioned by customers from around the world.
Consulting partner
An independent consulting company providing professional services to build effective management systems. Its business solutions were highly appreciated by the large number of medium enterprises and big corps in the Eastern Europe
Community supporters
The biggest ICT startup hub in the Baltics and Scandinavia, uniting international startups, tech companies, VCs, accelerators, incubators, and other ecosystem players.
Community supporters
An open community for the electronics industry players. It unites founders and managers of hi-tech hardware companies, technical leaders, advanced academics, and curators of university laboratories.
Global tech partner
One of the world's biggest provider of products, services, and solutions for electronics manufacturers.
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About Bridgio Accelerator. Who we work with
We help ambitious inventors, engineers, and companies with unique technology to realize their know-how in a working prototype to attract their first investment.
Working businesses are welcome to apply spin-off projects. Breathe new life into your still non-monetized researches and side-technologies with our corporate programm.
We cooperate with foundations and private investors to offer them attractive objects for investment in hardware projects in the CIS and Europe. Please, contact us for details.
New talents
We're hiring! Now our team is looking for product and project managers, a sales guru, a market analyst, and a delivery manager. Feel free to apply.
Send us a message or apply for our acceleration program. Start your exciting journey with our support!

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