We are building a "tech bridge"
from Europe (CEE) to global markets, helping startups find their product-market fit
Are you developing your own technology in hardware or Smart & Eco Environment?
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What We Do
Let's develop your innovation agenda to make your project or business ready for tomorrow!
Acceleration Programs
We support tech projects for Smart & Eco Environment:
  • Devices with AI, computer vision, and IoT.
  • Green energy solutions.
  • Smart office, urban mobility, industry 4.0.
Bridgio One Fund
Our EU-based venture capital invests in early-stage technology companies in the following sectors: mobility, sustainability, electronics/hardware, energy. Investment amount: €50K—250K

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Corporate Services
We bring innovations and startup spirit to corporate businesses by driving digital transformation and solving business problems with the latest technologies.

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Hardware Ecosystem
We drive an open community for businesses and engineers by providing them with a common platform to communicate and create innovations together.

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Upcoming Meetup in Warsaw: Electric Transport
OCTOBER, 13, 2022 — Engineers and business representatives from Poland and abroad will discuss their latest projects, disruptive technologies, and efficient business models in electric transport.
How We Accelerate Your Project
A high-level overview of our acceleration program
1 month
  • Screening of your project, team, and goals
  • Registration of your legal entity in the EU
  • Landing your core team in Lithuania or another EU country (if necessary)
  • Drafting a business plan and fundrising documents to bring your product to the target market
5 months
  • Finding your product-market fit and securing your first sale(s)
  • Engineering and manufacturing support for your first product batch
  • Attracting investment from early-stage investors (business angel, syndicate, VC funds)
18 months
  • The growth phase of your startup, when Bridgio helps you meet your goals in:
  • — raising the next round of investment;
  • — supply chain management;
  • — partnership management
Who We Are
Meet the Brigio team, who will help you accelerate your project toward new business goals
Roman Pakholkov
Founder & CEO
Roman helps engineering teams transform their potential into a final product / meaning / business.

After starting his career as an Engineer, he founded Promwad Electronics Design House in 2004. Today, millions of people worldwide use devices and software created by his engineering team.
Leonid Gasan
Partner & COO
Leonid has senior-level experience in providing support and global deal structuring with bank financing in the Asian and European markets.

You can rely on his expertise in tracking processes and strategy adjustment to adapt your product to customers' needs.
Vitali Mozolevski
Partner, Hardware Development Manager
Vitali will be your guide to the world of R&D, product design and manufacturing.

As a co-owner at Promwad, he will involve the right experts in your project and provide you with an engineering laboratory to complete your project for your first market evaluation.
Andrei Charnysh
Partner, Acceleration Manager
Andrei is responsible for driving your project and turning your tech ideas into business cases with the best track to investments.

His expertise in strategy & project management is highly appreciated by his clients at Key Decisions Consulting, where he holds an executive position.
Andrei Husakousky
Partner, Acceleration Manager
Andrei is the head of 100+ consulting projects. He specialises in corporate management and strategy, change management, and HR.

Certified Management Consultant as per ICMCI and an independent director and BoD member of several private companies.
Aliaksandr Kulizhski
Partner, Acceleration Manager
Aliaksandr is a leader of 350+ projects in strategy development and change management. Certified Management Consultant as per ICMCI (Amsterdam).

Co-author of many strategies for major trading and production companies in CIS and Ukraine. Author of 20+ business training programs.
Our External Experts
Their mission is to help you transform your technology into a product for the global market
Gytenis Galkis
Expert in assessing the investment attractiveness
Venture Partner at Superhero Capital. Invested and managing a portfolio of 50+ high-growth companies. Actively looking for more.
Sam Baker
Expert in assessing the investment attractiveness
Managing Partner at MobilityFund (Germany). Passionate about innovations that have a positive impact on people and our planet.
Viktar Khamianok
Expert in hardware business & robotics
Victor spent many years running his own robotics company — the only one in Eastern Europe that worked in the global market.
Denis Voytulevich
Expert in project management & manufacturing
Denis can guide you through the development lifecycle of your new product, transforming it into manufacturable reality.
Denis Dybsky
Expert in international marketing & business dev
Denis a co-founder of Teslasuit and IAGC that have successfully entered the global market with innovative hardware products.
Igor Solovyov
Expert in industrial design for manufacturing (DFM)
Igor is an award-winning designer with a portfolio of 80+ products for the USA & UK, France, Italy, China, Thailand, etc.
Your Supporting Partners
Tech partner
The largest independent electronics design house in Eastern Europe with HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania. Commissioned by clients worldwide, it creates new mass-produced products and tech solutions.
Consulting partner
An independent consulting company providing professional services to build effective management systems. Its portfolio includes hundreds of completed projects for medium and large enterprises.
Community supporters
The biggest ICT startup hub in the Baltics and Scandinavia, uniting startups, tech companies, VCs, accelerators, and incubators.
Community supporters
An open community for the electronics industry players: engineers, executives & entrepreneurs, company owners & investors.
Global tech partner
One of the world's biggest providers of products, services, and solutions for electronics manufacturers.
Venture partner
A group of 70+ entrepreneurs and top managers who invest smart money in early-stage startups.
Venture partner
An investment company targeted at IT, hi-tech, and hardware that break boundaries and scale opportunities.
Venture partner
MobilityFund's mission is to accelerate our transition to sustainable mobility by backing the best founders in European mobility startups.
Legal partner
This is an international business law firm working for a single goal – helping you succeed in business.
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