We accelerate your corporate innovations
Many high-tech companies have their own internal hardware and software R&D projects that never reach the market. We want to change this by transforming technologies into working prototypes on the path to a successful end product.
R&D challenges facing high-tech companies
Our experience shows that mature tech companies are often challenged by their own innovative projects. Here are the reasons why:
With the growth of sustainability, the pace of innovation is slowing down.
Third-party developments cannot be monetized under the main business.
A company has more R&D projects and ideas than the resources available to implement them.
Talented employees leave mature tech companies to join new and exciting projects in startups.
A B2B company has a new technology but is not familiar with the B2C market.
A B2C company has a new technology but is not familiar with the B2B market.
A spin-off is a smart way to launch your innovations
We will spin off your project as an independent business unit to develop your technology separately from your company's main activity. What's needed to do this:
A proven technology
A team leader and a team of at least three people
Your main company's support for prototyping purposes
An at least 6-month budget for your team and project
What we do to ensure your commercial success
Bridgio does not only accelerate your team but also provides it with "dual" citizenship by connecting foreign experts. Our Minsk-Vilnius bridge will lead your project to the global market.
We study the market and involve potential customers to design your promising product.
We manage the progress of your project with tracking methods from the world's leading accelerators.
We upgrade your team by developing the skills that are missing and connecting you with the right experts.
We help your team go from their development to a working prototype.
We attract funding from the leading venture capital funds or strategists, protecting your technology first.
Why your chances of success are higher with Bridgio
Our experience will allow you to take your business to a new level in several years and integrate it into the global supply chains.
Market expertise
We have established relationships with potential partners in various industries: 100+ contacts with funds, hardware distributors, product companies and other market participants.
Streamlined processes
We carefully studied and adapted the experience of the world's best accelerators: YCombinator, TechStars, HAX, Bolt, IIDF and others.
Hardware experience
The Bridgio team has led and participated in the design and manufacturing of 100+ products for the B2B and B2C markets.
A funnel for teams
We know how to involve highly-motivated young experts—through meet-ups, communities, and universities. Your team will work in a fast and competitive environment.
Fundraising experience
Our team has worked on projects that successfully attracted crowd funding and private investments.
We are focused on the growing markets
Our case studies and analysis of the world markets has convinced us of great prospects in these areas:
MedTech. Digital Health
Venture investments in new medical technologies are growing: $ 5.6 billion in 2018, + 10% to the previous year.

We are confident that the level of medical education and engineering training in our country opens up broad prospects for your projects.
Industrial and Infrastructure IoT
The introduction of IIoT will provide an increase in global GDP of $15 trillion by 2030 (Accenture).

A strong community of software and hardware engineers plus the industrial background of Belarus is your opportunity to grab a share in this growing market.
Acceleration campaign starts soon.
Welcome aboard!
Tell us about your company and your R&D project
to apply for participation
FAQ: What questions do business owners ask us?
We understand that the launch of breakthrough projects is always risky, so we're open to the honest and confidential discussion of your concerns.
Question #1:
Will a spin-off take away the best experts from my core business?
If your talented employees have already "burned out" at their current job, it's better to provide them with an alternate project or they'll find it elsewhere. Let it be learning-by-doing funded by their employer. Moreover, the first three months of the program will not require 100% of your employees' time.
Question #2:
What do I have to pay for or give a share of my project?
If you estimate the cost of individual services provided within our acceleration program— marketing research, training programs, hiring and salary for an experienced project manager—this amount of money will definitely exceed the cost of the program. Furthermore, our task is to attract much more money to your project than you invest.
Question #3:
What will the legal status of our project be?
If you choose a paid program, it's simple. You pay for participation only, and we will implement your project within your existing or new legal entity.

In the case of a joint project, we will sign an agreement of intent to create a separate legal entity with a separate balance sheet in a required jurisdiction within 3 months. Before establishing the legal entity, all the necessary legal advice on the structure of the transaction will be carried out at the expense of the accelerator.
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