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About the meetup
Hardware community gathering “Building a hardware business: success stories and new ideas" 24-25 November in Druskininkai & online.
The hardware business context has always been challenging, and it's not getting any easier now: scalability, sustainability, design, infrastructure, and much more are needed to keep up with trends, budget and time.
The main idea of the meetup for our Hardware Ecosystem Community, organized by Bridgio Tech Accelerator & Tech Zity with the support of Independent Design House & Electronics Manufacturing Service DANNIE.CC is to discover the challenges of building a hardware business today by covering two aspects:
executives of successful hardware companies will share their insights and experiences.
Success stories
do you have a product idea? Please share it with the community and get valuable feedback.
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Our speakers
Hoster of the event.
1. How we have tried to trick the Leonardo da Vinci.
2. Foresight: what is the future of hardware technologies?
Success stories: Sintecs success insights.
My way from science to business - insights and learned lessons.
Our five principles for new product development.
A deep-dive into the battery-swapping drone docking station DBOX.
Can you build a hardware startup with a minimum hardware team: pros and cons of outsourcing.
Pulsetto hardware journey - from idea to first sales and indiegogo crowfunding.
How we have invested in AISPECO.
How we miserable failed a hardware startup in robotics.
Leonid Gasan
Partner, СOO at Bridgio Tech Accelerator
Viktar Khamianok
Founder & ex-CEO of Rozum Robotics
Pavel Yankovich
Operating Manager at Sintecs
Sergey Zorin
Founder at DANNIE
Valerijus Zlosnikas
Lithuanian Branch Manager at Systec Dizainas
Donatas Malinauskas
Chief Executive Officer at Deeper, UAB
Linas Gelažanskas
Rokas Adiklis
Mantas Vaskela
Vitalijus Majorovas
Co-founder Pulsetto
Gytenis Galkis
Venture Partner at Superhero Capital
Sergey Sergyenko
CEO at Cybergizer
Meetup topics
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Having helped create over a hundred new products, some of which have failed and some have sold millions of copies, we've formulated a few principles that help increase the chances of success for new developments.
Our five principles for new product development
About Sintecs: key facts, expertise, projects; mixed business model: outsourcing various HW services, own products; distributorship of Siemens EDA, software for engineers; flexible in operations; targeted sales; quality and security as key values
Success stories: Sintecs success insights
Science Institute; long-term results/ personal challenges in startup company/ Automotive B2B business from top to bottom; rebranding and new ways to design the product/ RnD house from scratch; unique expertise/ demanding B2B clients – the way to improve product quality/ success story during the components crisis.
My way from science to business – insights and learned lessons
Overview to be specified
A deep-dive into the battery-swapping drone docking station DBOX
Challenges of coupling light from laser diodes to optical fibers and to photodiodes.
Capturing light to fiber
AISPECO manufactures sensor controllers, which are then put in highly hazardous environments - helicopters, airplanes and cars. Through the development of our startup we have started with fully outsourced hardware team, which seemed to be great idea at first (and still is), but there are some unique attributes which need to be taken into account if you plan to replicate it. We will share our story of great times and bad.
Can you build a hardware startup with a minimum hardware team: pros and cons of outsourcing
Mantas Vaskela
During 9 months Pulsetto made a up's and down's journey from idea to product manufacture and first sales. During this speech Vitalijus will share his failures and mistakes during this journey
Pulsetto hardware journey - from idea to first sales and indiegogo crowdfunding
HW performance/ SW companies.
How we have invested in AISPECO
How we have tried to trick the Leonardo da Vinci
Meetup program
Free time for more networking!
Check-out (guests hosted in Tech Spa)
Cooking breakfast together
13:00 – …
9:00 – 10:30
11:00 – 13:00
10:30 – 11:00
8:00 – 9:00
Facilitation session on generating new ideas for potential hardware businesses of the future
* also online
Burger party!
Networking and preparation for the burger party
Idea-pitching: you have an idea of a product but don't know where to start? Present it during our Meetup and get valuable feedback!
Success stories from executives of hardware companies
21:00 – ...
20:30 – 21:00
20:00 – 20:30
17:00 – 20:00*
15:00 – 17:00
Arrival of participants, check-in Tech Spa complex *(registered guests)
Speakers of the day:
Speakers of the day:
Viktar Khamianok
Sergey Sergyenko

Radoslaw Tomasz Bogucki & Sergey Zorin
Donatas Malinauskas
Vitalijus Majorovas
Rokas Adiklis & Mantas Vaskela
Gytenis Galkis
Linas Gelažanskas
Viktar Khamianok
Valerijus Zlosnikas
Pavel Yankovich
Andrei Andryieuski

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